I am a medical doctor, specialized in internal medicine, endocrinology and metabolism.

After graduating high school in Turkey, I studied medicine in the United States. I completed my specialty trainings in internal medicine and endocrinology in New York, USA. I am board certified in both specialties.

Currently, I live in Turkey.

It has always been my passion to help people with their health problems in any way I can.
While face-to-face history taking and directly examining patients are the optimal ways of helping people, I have had significant experience in online and remote patient interactions. This has enabled me and patients around the world to interact in a way that is as helpful as helping them in person.

I also have significant travel experience, not only as a solo traveler, but also with a company of people. I have traveled a diverse range of places, from big metropols like Tokyo to the remote deserts in Namibia. During these trips, I have had the opportunity to help other people with their health issues, both in person, but also remotely, and sometimes with very limited conditions.

Traveling is certainly fun, and exhilirating. People travel for all kinds of reasons. Whatever the motivation is, and wherever you travel, it is important to take precautions regarding your health beforehand. During travel, even the healthiest people may find themselves in circumstances that they would not have otherwise imagined. Careful and thoughtful health planning beforehand can minimize these risks.

Through HelloExperto, I am offering services in two ways: health advice before and during your particular trip, and travel advice regarding Covid-19. Please see my listings for more details.

My interests: Traveling, playing the piano.
For me, travel is: getting away from the stresses of everyday life.
I have lived in: Turkey, United States
I have been in: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Northern Macedonia, Mexico, Namibia, Norway, Qatar, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Tanzania, United Kingdom, United States
I currently live in: Turkey
My dream destination: Siberia and central Asia
I want to learn about: Travelers' health concerns.
3 extraordinary experiences in my life: Seeing lions in Ngorongoro, Tanzania, plane trip over the Namib desert, treating an extreme case of thyroid disease.
3 items in my bucketlist: To travel to Krygyzstan, to try insects as food, to witness the stem cell therapy and cure of type 1 diabetes.
Random fun fact about me: I have a very good memory, especially of the specific dates of random events in my life.
My favourite country: Norway
Most interesting continent for me: Asia
I cannot travel without : a first aid kit.
What I like least about travel: long flights, which make the low cabin pressure and the dehydration even more uncomfortable
The best travel advice I received: was from a Russian tourguide, and he gave me the best advice regarding traveling around lake Baikal, Siberia
If I could time travel and come back, I would go to … in year … to ...: I would go back to the year 2016, when I extensively traveled eastern Turkey.
I would like to be … (animal) to travel better: Goat (this way, I would be able to walk on rough landscapes), or hawk (because flying is awesome)
My favourite food in my travels: Local foods to the region
If my travels become a movie, it would be: action
Travel solo or with someone?: solo
Backpack or trolley suitcase?: backpack
In plane, window or aisle seat?: window
Travel in summer or winter? : summer
Mountain or beach?: mountain
10 cities or 3 cities to visit in 2 weeks?: 3
Plane, train, bus, boat, car, motorbike or bicycle?: car
5 days without internet and phone or 5 days without shower? : without shower
No sex for 6 months or no travel for 6 months?: no sex
1 year home quarantine without international travel restrictions afterwards or no quarantine and no international travel for the rest of your life?: 1 year quarantine
Weird local food in a local restaurant or well-known dish in a popular spot : weird local food
20 million Euros / USD with lifetime international travel restrictions or 20 thousand with no travel restrictions? : 20 thousand
One way free travel to Mars. Would you go? : No
Martians visit your hometown. What would you do? : I would ask them about life in Mars.
Life on earth will finish in 6 months. Enjoy last moments locally with family and friends or travel the world one last time: travel the world

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