Welcome to Ivory Coast!
My name is Dayo and I have lived most of my live in Abidjan.

With my education, exposure and experience as a tour guide I will be an asset to your trip to Ivory Coast. Not only I am well versed in my local area, but I also have a good knowledge of other cities in Ivory Coast as well as nearby countries including Nigeria, Burkina Fasso, Togo and Benin. I also wrote lots of articles on Tourists, Tour Guide and Responsibilities.

I base all my activities on one principle C. A. V:
- Co-ordinate Everything!
- Anticipate Everything!
- Verify Everything!

Language is not a barrier, I do speak English and French fluently.

If you're interested in an authentic dive into life in Ivory Coast, I hope you'll reach out to me and get in touch

My interests: Travel,Tourism,Soccer,Reading,Music ,Walking
For me, travel is: Education
I have lived in: Nigeria,Togo,Burkina Fasso,Benin
I have been in: many countries
I currently live in: Abidjan,Ivory Coast
My dream destination: Africa
I want to learn about: world
My favourite country: Côte d’Ivoire
Most interesting continent for me: Africa
I cannot travel without : praying
What I like least about travel: delay
The best travel advice I received: Travel is Education
The worst travel advice I received: none
I miss … the most when I travel: family
If my travels become a movie, it would be: drama
Travel solo or with someone?: solo
Backpack or trolley suitcase?: backpack
Travel in summer or winter? : summer
10 cities or 3 cities to visit in 2 weeks?: 3
Plane, train, bus, boat, car, motorbike or bicycle?: car
Martians visit your hometown. What would you do? : Abidjan

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