I love to plan trips and guide friends and travellers when they come to Mexico!! Or also if they are going to a place I had already gone.

So... will be a pleasure to help you too as I do with my friends!!!

I’m a passionate explorer-traveller. I had travelled by Mexico since a kid with my family. I know and love my county!
By the other hand, since I was 13 years old I had travelled aboard to Asia, Europe, North and South America, for 1 or 3 months trip every 2 years, most of the times solo. All of these trips had been great schools!!

For me, it is essential to have contact with locals, get new friends and live their place from their own experience! I really would like you could experience it too at least here in Mexico.

My passion: To meet people (deeply if possible) and share the lifetime!!

İlgi alanlarım: Local Culture, FOOD!!, languages, art, dance, architecture, swimming, outdoor activities, nature and music.
Benim için seyahat: discover to be alive!
Yaşadığım ülkeler: Mexico, France and Canada
Bulunduğum ülkeler: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Ecuador, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America, Uruguay
Şu anda yaşadığım yer: Guadalajara, México
Hayalimdeki destinasyon: Morocco
Öğrenmek istediğim konu: drawing and painting
Hayatımdaki 3 sıradışı tecrübe: 1.- Work on the marginalized neighborhoods of my city, with the people. 2.- Travel for 5 weeks to France with 4 weeks totally free for spontaneous itinerary, was such a great whole travel. 3.- Built my dreamed own enterprise.
Favori ülkem: Apart of Mexico, Italy
Benim için en ilginç kıta: Asia
Dağ mı plaj mı?: dağ
Uçak, tren, otobüs, tekne, araba, motosiklet veya bisiklet?: tren
Hayat boyu uluslararası seyahat kısıtlaması ile birlikte 20 milyon Euro / USD mı, seyahat kısıtlaması olmadan 20 bin mi?: 20 bin

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